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Tami Chayu, Registered Nurse

Private Home Health Care

Health nursing details



  • To patients with various conditions

  • To women undergoing fertility treatments

  • Often, I teach patients to self-inject

Infusion Lines

  • Setting up subcutaneous infusions

  • ssels are accessibleAdministering medication by intravenous injection (or infusion) when blood ve

  • Administering TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) intravenously 


  • Preparing medication for the required period of time

  • Checking the doses prescribed and comparing with the written prescriptions and physician’s instructions

  • Training the patient and their family

Wound Care

  • Post-operative

  • Dressing and bandaging

  • Removing stitches

Digestive Tract

  • Oral care 

  • Enteral feeding (Kangaroo pump)

  • Colostomy care

  • Administering enemas

Urinary Tract

  • Catheterization and bladder washout

  • Nephrostomy care


  • Applying eye drops

  • Changing dressings                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  •  I administer all these treatments and many more as needed, in the comfort and security of the patient’s home. 


Kupat Holim: Getting Through the Maze


Though Israel’s healthcare system is great, sometimes simply learning where to call for what, can be confusing and frustrating, especially for non-Hebrew speakers.

I know what one should or should not expect in terms of the Kupat Holim the patient belongs to. This could mean coverage of physical therapy, a visit from a nurse at home, to name just a few, and I can help by explaining about the necessary paperwork and procedures to get the job done smoothly. 

Patient Counseling and Support


In their current state, patients feel anxiety about the present and an uncertain future. Being hospitalized can be a tough experience. All caregivers—partners, close family members, loving relatives or hired personnel, together with the patient themselves—must be well aware of the condition, its treatment, the therapy involved, and why a specific course of action has been recommended. Beyond explaining and clarifying, I provide guidance according to the written and verbal instructions everyone has received. All this new information may be confusing, stressful, and difficult to grasp and accept. 

Therefore, my conversations with them are tailored to each person’s prior knowledge and ability to understand.

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As a Nurse I will esplain you about your medications


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Treatment at Home

Helping You as a Home Care Nurse

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