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Tami Chayu, Registered Nurse

Private Home Health Care

& Baby Sleep Consultant

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About me

Tami Chayu, Registered Nurse

As a qualified nurse with over 40 years in the public health services, I think I’ve seen it all. 


I’ve worked in hospitalization wards and outpatient clinics at Beilinson Hospital (Rabin Medical Center) & Yeseftal (Eilat),


In the community (Kupat Holim), and in Family Health Centers (Tipat Halav). 


I’ve cared for people of all ages and backgrounds, from all walks of life. 


So when I retired, I chose not to stop. 


Now I care for people in their own homes, striving to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life of patients and caregivers alike. 

I’ve also trained in infant sleep consulting, another service I offer. If you’re having sleepless nights with your baby, I can help there too.

My Approach

My Career 

I aim to provide the best possible care to ensure the wellbeing of my patients and their families.

Home nursing care has many advantages for a patient. Your own bed. Your favorite sofa. A safe, familiar environment. All this with the support of a skilled, professional nurse tending to your special medical needs.  


I believe in total care, in looking at the patient in a holistic way. 


This means thorough, professional assessment and observation in order to find out everything possible about the patient. To understand who their caregivers are—family or others—and all about their close surroundings.


This observation demands use of the senses:



Asking questions and most importantly—listening. The patient’s mental and emotional disposition are very important in deciding the right approach. I can bring confidence and support to relieve and offer encouragement to the entire household.


I see the patient physically, as well as their gaze and facial expressions.


Sometimes I need to palpate and feel. 


I need to perceive and identify the origin of odors.


It is crucial that patients and their loved ones fully understand the details of the medical report and the treatment the patient is about to undergo. 

I read the report thoroughly including the recorded values of the various tests. I go over them with the patients and their family members, interpreting the results, explaining their meaning, and answering questions. I go into a detailed description of what the patient and sometimes, also what the family needs. Once this is clear, I proceed to administer the required treatment. 


I try to make the best of the conditions or constraints in the home, in order to fulfill the needs of both patients and their families. 

I see my patient as a whole person,

and not just as another medical case.


My Professional Background

Academic Qualifications


RN, Dina Academic School of Nursing at Rabin Medical Center 

BSN, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

MMedSc in Epidemiology, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

My Training As a Sleep Advisor

Courses I took at the Home for Parenting Professions under the management of Ganit Prag


2016 Sleep Consulting Course "Laila Tov" 

2017 Parenting Guidance (Dor Harari) 

2017 Sleep coaching Course 

2011 Guidance for Parents of Twins (Telem Raanana)

2012 Health Coaching Course (Medicoach)

As a nurse at Tipat Halav I provided parents with advice and guidance on the subject of baby sleep 



Beilinson (Rabin Medical Center) and Yoseftal (Eilat) as a bedside nurse, in hospitalization wards for cardiothoracic surgery, at the ICU, and hemodialysis unit. In outpatient clinics in neurology, dermatology, hematology, surgery, urology, ophthalmology and ob-gyn. 


Community Medical Centers Kupat Holim (Health Funds), Tipat Halav Family Health Centers (care for infants and children), and at various schools as a Public Health Nurse


School Nurse

At the Hadassah Neurim Youth Village, a boarding school for ages 14-18, I was the school nurse in charge of the clinic.

In 2019-2020 I worked as a nurse in the clinic of the Alexander Muss High School, a pluralistic study-abroad program in Hod HaSharon, with about 1,200 students from various countries


I taught a course in practical nursing at the Shapira High School vocational school in Netanya and prepared students for their nursing major matriculation exam.

I lecture at the Wolfson Nursing School retraining program for holders of university degrees to become Registered Nurses. 

I teach nephrology to nursing students at Ashkelon Academic College, as well as nursing to first year students at the Ruppin Academic Center

At Kindregartens Ages 5-7: What time is bedtime? Handwashing: When? How? (My volunteer Project to promote good healthy habits)

Since my retirement from public service in 2011, I’ve continued to work in the profession I so love.

As a Private Nurse I visit patients’ homes to provide medical and nursing care of different kinds as needs, conditions, and circumstances demand.

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Clean Hands Save Lives!

Proper Hand Washing

Combining Family and Career 

My Personal Story:

Even as a child, I dreamt of becoming a nurse. I even dressed up as a nurse every year on Purim.

And yes… I’ve realized my dream all the way!

I’ve always liked helping and caring for people, which I still do happily and with great enthusiasm. 

My diverse career began in 1970, when my husband, then an officer at the IDF, and I got married and moved south to start our new life together. 

I worked as a nurse at the newly founded Yoseftal Hospital in Eilat in various hospitalization wards with the elderly, children, newborns, premature babies, and as Head Nurse at the Hemodialysis unit.

As my husband’s post was in the Sinai desert, I decided to take my baby daughter and join him. So in 1971 I left the hospital to begin work in community healthcare centers at the Di Zahav Moshav in south Sinai, where I provided services to the Moshav’s residents as well as to hundreds of thousands of travelers visiting the area. I also worked as a community nurse at the Bedouin village of Dahab and as a Tipat Halav nurse in Nuweiba

Two years later, we moved back to Eilat where I became a public health nurse at Tipat Halav and at elementary schools. 

In 1974 I returned to Yoseftal Hospital where I became part of the outpatient clinic staff, acquiring knowledge and experience in several other fields such as neurology, dermatology, hematology, surgery, urology, ophthalmology, ob-gyn, and neonatal care. 

In 1983 we left the golden colors of the desert and moved to the greener center of the country. For the next ten years I worked at the Hadassah Neurim Youth Village, a boarding school for students aged 14-18 north of Netanya.

In parallel, from 1984 I worked at the Beilinson Hospital general ICU once a week. In 1994 I began to work there full time holding the positions of Charge Nurse and Clinical Nurse Educator for the prevention of infection in the hemodialysis unit, thanks to my specialization in epidemiology. During this period, I also worked for some years at the hospital’s cardiothoracic surgery ward. 

Here I must mention,

I am also a mother of three and a proud, highly indulgent grandmother.



Sleep Consultוng

I cover mainly Raanana, Kfar Saba and Hod Hasharon, mostly pedaling on my foldable bike

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