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Tami Chayu

Sleep Counseling

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...To all the Moms and Dads with black circles under their eyes

Does your baby or toddler wake up in the middle of the night? And do you take them in your arms? Do you bounce together on the physio ball? Do you put your little bundle of joy in the stroller and pace desperately back and forth to get them to settle and fall asleep? Or do you just let them sleep with you in your bed?


All of these methods and others are many parents’ ways to try to cut the White Nights short and cope with difficulties in napping during the day. 


Prolonged periods of sleep deprivation will positively e-x-h-a-u-s-t you, pushing you and your partner (if you aren’t parenting alone) into a spiral of accusations and arguments which can result in real distress.


     Babies who settle into a proper sleeping routine, are happier babies of delighted parents. 

So how can you achieve that?

You can change sleeping habits through a process that...

  • Gets you back to enjoying a full night’s sleep

  • Allows you to sit together (or alone) in the evenings and enjoy some quiet time

  • Let’s you feel more at ease when you have to leave your precious little one with a babysitter 

  • Helps you realize the ultimate fantasy—an overnight stay at grandma and grandpa’s so you and your partner can get away

  • Significantly improves your family’s quality of life and your playtime with the baby


And your child?

  • The cradle/bed will become a friendly place for them

  • They will be weaned from dependence on watching TV, being held and rocked, or any other rituals you may have developed to help them fall asleep

  • They’ll learn to settle on their own

  • They will be attended to if they cry

  • They’ll sleep through the night and during their napping times as much as they need to. See table below.

Recommended Hours of Sleep by Age

According to Israel Pediatric Association


My Way of Changing Sleeping Habits

(from 6 months to 6 years of age)

  • A conversation with the parent or parents for about two hours in order to gather the full picture on the sleeping issues you are experiencing. 

  • Teaching the Language of Sleep, including sleep hygiene, when children should be put to bed, and more

  • Formulating the Dream Plan in conjunction with the parents, who will be the ones to implement it, gradually shifting sleeping habits


At the end I will prepare and send you a summary of the meeting, including the steps to be followed.


The success of this 4-stage process depends very much on the current level of difficulty, i.e. routines, use of sleep comforts, props, etc. 


It usually takes from 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the desired results.

Success Depends on a Number of Factors

  • The parents feeling comfortable with themselves towards the changes—Stand United

  • Persistence and perseverance—Don’t Give Up

  • Determination—Stand Firm, especially in the face of initial resistance to some changes

  • Meeting all the required conditions

              Why suffer?

Call me and we can start right away!! 


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